Rates & Requirements



The Super Mambo Acrobats are very self contained group not requiring much in terms of stage.  We are very easy to accomodate.

- We can perform indoor theatre , outdoor sheltered stage and concrete open space.

- If the show is indoor, we would like to have the ceiling not lower than 10 feets.

- The place must be free from splinters and broken boards.

- If the show is in an open space we will need a large carpet on the concrate about 20x20 feets.

- We'll need cd or cassette player with speakers.

- Good lighting if the show is at night.


It's hard for us to quote general rates.

We would like to give you the best rates possibile and in order for us to do this, we would need to know several things:

- Date of the show
- How many shows per day
- Location of the show
- Type of show you are looking for

Please, send us an e-mail with this specifications and we will answer you back with the rates for the show you need.



We treat our willing clients with great honour and consider their views to suit their jobs.