Arts of Circus



     This is a complex acrobatic art that involes 2-4 persons, accompanied with African dances.

     Fire Eating


     A very unique African show of eating the fire, rubbing on the skin, split fire and dancing with different fire object.

     Flag Jumping


     In this art we show the ability to make technical summersaults and jumps over a moving flag.

     Hoops Diving


     We display a sequence of swift dives, rolling, front and back summersaults through 2-4 circular hoops of 2 feets diameter.
     Sometimes the hoops are on fire depending on the venue of the show, if It's indoors or outdoors.

     Limbo Dance


     In this art, we make different types of African dances with "cries of war" accompanied with a rod that's on fire
     and one or two of us passes under it as its lowered till the last level of 9 inches above the ground level.

     Perfect Balancing


     We do different types of balances on chairs, bench with bricks arranged one on top of the other
     and bottle balancing on a round piece of wood held by the mouth.



     This is strong original Kenyan art of human patterns that are formed at high speed with great energy, perserverance and endurance.

     Rope Skipping


     We demonstrate the ability to skip a fast moving rope while doing summersault, jumps, juggling, push up and other different tricks
     like jumping with the back.

     Stilt Walking

     This is walking with two long stilts while doing some juggling and making fun with people.


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